About the Wandering Weasel – The Wandering Weasel
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About the Wandering Weasel

Hi there – my name’s James and I’m a real Wandering Weasel.

In support of those people living with multiple-personality disorder the world over, I’m going to introduce myself to you by way of a self-conducted interview:

Who are you?

My name’s James Tidestreet, I live on the outskirts of London, but I rarely spend any spare time in the city. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of everything British. I believe that this is a country with a lifetime’s worth of adventure in, I’ve spent the last few years trying to see as much of this land as I can and now I’ve decided to start sharing my stories with whoever will listen!

What’s with the Weasel name?

Although most people associate the weasel with unfavourable character traits such as slyness or deceitfulness, a little known fact about them is that their genus, Mustela, is one of the most widespread in the world. The only place that you won’t find an example of this genus is in Antarctica, Australia and it’s neighbouring islands. Their proliferation throughout the world is what I admire, they’re comfortable in almost any conditions and are very smart at finding themselves food – qualities that I count myself as lucky to also have.

Do you only travel in the UK?

I’ve been exploring the length and breadth of the UK for the last few years. Although I’ve visited other continents, from exotic Asia to far flung Africa, I’ve put long-distance travel on the back burner for now. I’m proud to have called England my home for the entirety of my life and there’s still so much that I need to see. Until I’ve visited every county, I’m intent on continuing my journey for the next few years.

What do you do for a living?

Writing has always been my lifeline. When I graduated from university (a long time ago) I was lucky enough to drop straight into a decent job as a journalist in London. Since then, I’ve built up my portfolio and successfully carved out a career for myself as a freelance writer. Now I split my work, half in the office and half out of it, travelling the UK and writing about it right here.

How can I become a travel writer?

Go somewhere, make some notes about your experience, then write it up! It really is that easy. You don’t need to have a blog like this one and you don’t even need to try and publish your writing. Travel writing predates any Lonely Planet guide or Instagramming blogger, it’s a fun way to reflect on your travelling experiences and can serve as a better memory jog than any photograph. My top tip is to stop beating around the bush and…

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